day 7: take a picture of your favorite quote ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

i might as well be honest and say that i’m not the best role model you can find on matters regarding confidence and self esteem to those of you who didn’t already figure it out yet. there’s a phase in my life where i have such hideous insecurity issues, up to the point where it became maddening.

as far as i remember the only time that i am 110% confident was when i was in early elementary, and that was… a decade ago. i was, without question, the bomb all through preschool and grade 1, 2, 3. but innocence wanes as the world pushes me to be less ignorant, and with that, so does my confidence. there must be a point in everyone’s life when they realize that they’re not all that, and i (sadly) was hit in the face by reality at the very premature age of nine. you’d find that i’m a lot cooler ten years ago.

anyways~ this quote meant so much to me because, at the very young age of seventeen (and three quarters), i’m through with giving a shit of what other people think or feel or say about me (excuse my French). i’m through with crying before going to school, apologizing for the things that i didn’t do wrong, and hating myself for everything that happens. you find that even though you want other people to like you, you can’t please everyone. to say that perfection is impossible, (meehh~) might not be true. but perfection has a standard that is frustratingly hard to keep up to. you cannot be perfect for everybody. and this quote has taught me to leave the ones that has wanted me so much to be perfect and appreciate the people who are there for me regardless.

too much tears have been shed for the people who don’t matter, and too many people who don’t mind are taken for granted. and sometimes you wonder what on earth is happening to this world and to humanity but that is how it is. because humans… we (apparently) find beauty in pining over someone we can’t have and throwing away the ones who are readily there for us. which is why happy endings are overrated, and unrequited love make bigger hits than the-prince-on-a-white-horse-rescuing-the-princess love.

that picture up there is my frugal (lopsided) attempt at taking a picture of the quote that i typed so hastily on Microsoft just five mintues before i grabbed my blackberry slash camera and took a picture of it. i was planning to do a better job at it, but today has been a little hectic, and i didn’t have much time. so there you have it.



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