day 3: take a picture of something you love ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

day 3: something i love.

something i love. something i love. something i love.

i love A LOT of things. like literally. there’s not much in this world that i really really hate apart from blood and tripe. and the rest of the things that i don’t hate, i pretty much love. so… tsk.

as it really is a pretty wide and general subject: something i love , i thought i’d take a picture of me brushing my sister’s teeth. yes, she’s eight, and might be a little too big to have her teeth brushed, but she is still ten years younger than me. and i love brushing her teeth. it’s like our own personal bonding time 😀 which might be a little weird, but oh well~ that, and watching Dragon Ball together. but then the instruction didn’t specify for me to take a picture of ‘something that i love doing’ , it’s more of … something that i love. a thing.

in the middle of thinking what i should feature, i saw the pile of socks that was waiting to be packed. and i thought, i’ve always had a thing for socks, and moving to a very cold place for college means stocking up on socks (in which i have no complaints whatsoever) and i just got these knee length socks from mom some time ago that i absolutely love, so i figure i might as well feature that. the white socks at the far left barely reach my knees, but i love it just the same. and i love the cherries on the socks in the middle and the black socks have an eyelet pattern (that you might not be able to see in the photo)

so i see i got day 3 completed !! three down, twenty seven more to go!~



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