exactly today, 51 years ago, my dad was born.

and today, i ate a ridiculous amount of noodles so that he would live another 50 years and have the chance to witness me graduate from university, get to a kick-ass grad school, graduate grad school, get my dream job, be a New York Bestselling author, marry the man that i love, have kids, see them grow up, see them graduate preschool, elementary school, secondary school, college, see them mary the man/woman they love and have their own kids. so by that time, he will be a great-grandpa with hair as white as his bones. he will still be able to walk without a walking stick, and when it is his turn to die, he would preferrably die a peaceful death in his sleep, glasses on the bedside table, holding a newspaper.

i love you dad. i wish you a long and happy life. you have given me so much, and it is time for me to give you a lot in return.

happy birthday.


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