day 2: take a picture of your breakfast ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

i’m back! and with two pictures for the second day challenge.

as the self-explanatory title has explained, today i’m going to be featuring my breakfast.

so i love breakfast. period. i love breakfast, can’t do anything without them, brain’s not functioning well without them, i will not be happy without them. they’re my holy grail meal, and i always make it a point to always have breakfast. i may skip lunch or dinner but not breakfast, and if i don’t get to have breakfast, i always make sure i eat brunch. that’s the only way out of the breakfast rule.

i don’t understand people who skips breakfast. really, i don’t. they’re literally skipping the best meal of the day… but i may be biased (as you well know). i prefer breakfast than the other meals probably because it is the only meal that has never made me feel bloated. as of the day i turned 15 (approximately), my stomach started doing these weird things. i get stomachache if i eat too much or if i eat too late, and it’s not the kind of stomachache that you can be rid of easily if you know what i mean. it’s the stay-there-all-day stomachache and it’s driving me nuts sometimes. breakfast is the only meal that my stomach tolerates even if i ate too much. so breakfast it is ! 😀

despite that, the amount of breakfast i eat depends on my mood (and level of hunger). i can just eat one banana or have a huge toast with scrambled eggs with cheese and maple syrup feast. today, i decided to just have boiled eggs, a bowl of fruits with yogurt and honey, and hot chocolate.

i did make an effort on the heart-shaped boiled eggs if you guys don’t already know (it is very much obvious), just because it is a hassle to make, and i usually get too hungry to wait for the egg to take shape. but since i’m featuring my breakfast today, i might as well make the extra effort. the bowl of fruits however is something that i have almost everyday, up to the point where it’s mind-boggling that i never get tired of it. because really… fruits + plain yogurt + honey is divine. the hot chocolate is just a packet of hot chocolate mix mixed with hot water.

and there you have it ^^

happy morning everyone~ and enjoy your breakfast!



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