day 1: take a picture of you + provide 10 facts about yourself ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

first day of the 30 day challenge!~

so this is me–literally just one and a half hour after i woke up for the morning Sunday mass– with my unkempt hair, acne scarred skin, barely-there eyebrows, chubby cheeks and sharp chin. i had no make up on, nor did i photoshop this (just because i’m so mentally incapable of doing photoshop. rest assured, i was tempted).

for the 10 facts… i’m not really sure. you guys know more about me than anyone else~ sometimes i think you guys know me even better than i know myself. and the things that you don’t know about me, you can learn from my bio page~ which really sums up everything. but thisisa challenge~ so here’s the ten facts anyway.

1. i don’t find the purpose of drinking ice water. i prefer to drink something hot or lukewarm. if i want something cold, i’d rather chew ice cubes rather than drink ice water.

2. i find pleasure in doing / learning / buying something that is utterly useless. like learning Latin, or Russian (no one that i know of speaks Russian, i’ll probably talk to myself in Russian)–which i think is one of the most beautiful language in the world.

3. it is so easy to make me happy up to the point where it becomes ridiculous. just give me one piece of dark chocolate and it will last me through the day.

4. i regret not continuing ballet. i did ballet once, and stopped because mom said it wouldn’t be good for my bones once i get older. now i always have this sheer envy for people who are amazingly great at ballet.

5. i speak with an American accent, but the voice in my head always has this British accent. believe me on this one… i like to talk to myself and the voice inside this head always has a British accent.

6. i’m not sure how to describe this, but i really love it when a particularly concentrated ray of sunlight shines through a piece of foliage. it’s like looking at lace patterns on the blue sky~ gorgeous.

7. i’m happy when my friends, or just the people that i care about in general, are happy. but i assure you, it really is not something entirely selfless… it’s like i feed from their happiness. it can really make my day when the people around me are at peace.

8. i don’t like lipglosses. i don’t completely hate it, and i can tolerate it, but given the option, i’d choose lipsticks over lipglosses any day. honestly speaking, i just realized this fact when i’m writing this post. shows just how much i’m still learning to know myself.

9. i can’t coin up the exact term for this, but i’m not the type of girl who will try to kill herself if her boyfriend dumps her. i do cry now, but i don’t mope around senseless– that is something i promise i will never do to myself, because i don’t like to feel helpless and i don’t like to see other girls accepting themselves as ‘helpless people’. i like fierce. ferocity is absolutely a necessity.

10. i absolutely abhor blood tests. i think that it is positively unhinging. i’m not scared of getting hurt, i don’t mind the needle, i just cannot stand the blood. blood truly is the one thing that i’m so scared about, i can pee my pants.

that’s that. until the next challenge post ~



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