so out of the blue, i’m going to start this 30 day blog photo challenge where i take pictures everyday on the things… that i was told to take pictures of.

why July 15th? no reason. just that the challenge will end before i move for college, so this will be the first and last challenge i will do here in my home country, Indonesia. ++ it’s Sunday today. i always have a thing for Sundays…. Sunday feels like the start of the week. so Sunday it is.

this is the list of the things that i will have to take pictures of in the next 30 days. well, 29 days. i’m starting today 😀

  1. you + provide 10 facts about yourself
  2. your breakfast
  3. something you love
  4. your mailbox
  5. something you wore
  6. something that makes you smile
  7. your favorite quote
  8. your sky
  9. something you use daily
  10. something from your childhood
  11. your favorite school binder
  12. your favorite shoes
  13. the inside of your backpack / bag
  14. something you’re reading
  15. something that makes you happy
  16. something you see every morning
  17. your water
  18. something you bought
  19. something sweet
  20. someone you like / love
  21. a reflection of something
  22. your jacket
  23. something old
  24. your guilty pleasure
  25. something you made
  26. your favorite color
  27. your lunch
  28. your sunset
  29. inside your fridge
  30. nature

and you know what my reaction is to every challenge that gets in my way…

bring. it. on.

p.s. be linking the posts back here ^^


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