today is indeed something.

really really something.

first things first: i can’t register for the courses that i want.

for whatever reason, whether it was getting waitlisted, or ‘registration is not available for the Winter 2013 term’ or ‘closed’, i just can’t seem to be able to apply to one… one course. and that sucks. big time.

second: i called the embassy, asking for my visa status and they just told me that i’m three weeks late for my medical check up. which shouldn’t be so since i didn’t receive any notification whatsoever (through SMS or email) of which i should since i freakin’ pay IDR 20,000 just to get the damn service. and no, they didn’t contact me, they didn’t call me or email me until now that i call them. so i’m tomorrow going to go to Jakarta to get this medical check up thing.

++ i’m positively going to get my blood test. i hate blood tests. i hate needles.

*sigh* i feel like crying.

and sorry blog, but i’m filing this on rants. this day is just so bleh.


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