the dirty rat roots

peek-a-boo!! so apparently, i have internet access and laptop access! woot~ the elder baby sister brought her laptop, and i was able to nick it away from her for a while, so here i am!

it really is only the first day in Surabaya, but i already have a lot to tell you. first thing’s first. a lot of (cute) Korean guys are staying in the hotel as well, and that’s definitely a good thing. idk, there’s something about Korean guys, or more about their language, that intrigues me. and not just Korean language… for me, it’s British accent, French language, and Russian too. there is just something about those four languages that i can’t quite put into words. anyway, to put it simply, having been stuck my entire high school life with only two boys (of which i can’t quite classify as ‘boys’), i appreciate good-looking guys. end of discussion.

there is one other interesting thing that happened. my dad met up with a uni friend and we ended up eating at a noodle shop at 7PM. i would seriously get a stomach ache if i don’t swallow some meds tomorrow, but that’s another story. dad’s friend was talking about how he was so frustrated in going back to Indonesia. he has been staying in the US with his family, and he’s only back to visit his mom. he was talking about how people lack discipline and how laws are not enforced here, and even told us that her daughter took off her glasses when she’s inside the car just so that she couldn’t see the traffic. and i was there thinking: “wow that’s extreme.” until out of the blue, we saw two (fairly huge) rats and my dad’s friend’s daughter (i hope that doesn’t sound too complicated) was literally petrified. and i was just there sitting thinking if the two rats are couples. this is where i go: “oh…” the thought of running away didn’t even enter my head, because however gross this sounds, seeing rats is really… normal.  i mean, the rats are pretty far away, and the people who sat close to the rat incident actually continued eating their noodles while my dad’s friend’s daughter ran out of the restaurant. (._.)

i have no intention to judge or generalize, and if i do so i deeply apologize, but maybe that’s what’s different. so maybe i will have difficulties adjusting back to the conditions of my home country once i get back, but somehow, i hope i can still keep this. because this is what makes this Victoria. whatever this is. i mean, whenever my mom wants to shop for cheap, fresh produce, we go to the traditional market. so i’m pretty used to frog innards littered on the streets, mixed with wet trash and sewer water, and of course, that equation equals to rats. don’t get me wrong. i long for a change. i have been living in this place for my entire life, and i hate the traffic here. like literally hate it. i can imagine what it’d do to people who have been living abroad for quite some time. but that particular part of me, i want to keep it. for whatever reasons, it makes me feel grounded and defined… everyone wants to be successful, but i just hope that when i do get successful, i’ll still remember my roots.

that’s that. the party’s tomorrow, so i don’t really have an account of it yet 😀 i’ll probably blog again if Anie turns out to be nice tomorrow, so let’s see yea?

until the next post….



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