star-spangled corset, translations, and going out of town

so in between googling an image of Katy Perry wearing a star-spangled corset (which is pretty fab by the way) and polishing my sister’s nails (and mine as well), i was doing a translation for a press conference draft. it was a pretty big deal apparently and i mean, i did a lot of translations in the past, but it was mostly volunteer work, for a fandom that seemed bigger than life itself, and it wasn’t exactly translating as i was an editor. now that i’m actually doing paid translating, i figure i’d better do a pretty damn good job at it.

i had to do a translation for the Mercedes-Benz Indonesia press conference as they’re doing this championship tournament next Sunday, and the pay is actually not bad. considering the rate at which i’m spending my money right now, i better have a source of income, however temporary it is. even through meditation, and the whole other character building camps, i am still a greedy person. it does make me feel evil (especially at camps where you’re encouraged to let go of all the worldly things), but as long as i’m human i’ll always be attracted to books, and shoes, and nail polishes. and i’ll always buy more of them even though i know i have enough. hopefully i’m not the only one with this issue.

anyways~ i’d have to sleep soon because i’m going out of town tomorrow to attend a 50th wedding anniversary… packed at the last minute (again)–i could still feel mom’s screams in my eardrums. but the reason that i’m blogging at this hour is because i didn’t yesterday. and i missed my fourth of July post. so this post is dedicated to all of my American readers– i have been obsessed into going to America since God knows when. probably ever since i was two, when i started learning English and when my local channel played Barney every single day. never got the chance to go up until now when i’m already freakin’ 17 going on 18, and it turns out i’m not going to the U.S. for university, so i’m probably not going to be there until the next four years; however, it has always been a fantasy to me. maybe a lot of you have experienced New York at Christmas, but i haven’t, and it’s driving me crazy sometimes because i long to see the lights and the snow and the steaming mugs of coffee inside little quaint coffeeshops. i’d see it one day, even if it’s the last thing i do, but maybe not for the next year, or next two years. so Happy (belated) Independence Day! ~ i’m sorry i’m late >.<

that’s that. i’m going to post a picture of fireworks at the end of this post, just for festivity’s sake… i have to wake up in 4 hours time, so i better hit the sheets now.

see you when i see you lovelies.



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