“You shouldn’t be making promises that you can’t keep.” “But it’s the best one.”

i know there are many… many quotes coming from the new ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, but this is the one that is stuck in my head. this is from the ending scene where he went to class late (again) and his teacher scolded him for it, telling him that he shouldn’t be late next time, and he said ‘I promise I won’t.’ (or something along that line) his teacher then said ‘you shouldn’t be making promises that you can’t keep.’ and he whispered ‘but it’s the best one’. it must’ve been a reply to what his teacher said, but he also said it because he’s intended to break the promise he made to Gwen’s dad before he died in the movie, to leave Gwen out of this. oh how i love double meaning replies.

this quote is stuck in my head because it has always been my principle that “rules are made to be broken, not promises.” and now Spiderman is saying that the promises you can’t keep are you actually the best ones. let me tell you this, i’m easily influenced. and let me tell you this as well, maybe in the position of Gwen Stacy, i’d be happy that he said that, but for now, i stand by my principles. that, no, Spiderman, promises are not made to be broken. … and now i’m rambling.

anyways~ you’ll know that later when you watch the movie. and you must see that movie people because oh my God, it’s a good movie. however, you can’t exactly take my word for it because i’ve only seen the first Spiderman movie, and this is just a remake of it. my friends said that the second and the third one is not as good, so i didn’t mind. i love this one, and as far as i remember, it has been ages since i last wrote a movie review. so this is going to be a review post. well, not really a review, just about anything that i want to say really, or write… so here goes.

first: the coupling.

if you see my previous post (good timing, huh? i didn’t know i’d be watching Spiderman, like, today), you’d know that i pointblank ship them like Captain Jack Sparrow ship his Black Pearl. i mean, we know that Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone is on and off screen couples, so that’s obvious why the chemistry is just so… chemically exciting in the movie. i was already a fan of Emma Stone when she starred in Easy A… no i was actually obsessed. she endorsed this Revlon Lip Butter thing and when it came to my country (made available that is), i immediately bought two. just because, ya know? even from the interviews that i saw of her, i can tell that she’s really beautiful and witty and the type who keeps you on your toes, so i google-d Andrew Garfield when i heard rumors that they were dating. they met in the Spiderman movie screening, and immediately i knew i had to see the movie. i had to.

it doesn’t disappoint. all through the movie, all i can think of is: how on earth am i going to be able to write a romance like the ones that exist between these two couples? both between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy as well as between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone… i guess it’s a thing all aspiring authors share. because you can see that the chemistry is distinctively different between the Peter Parker/ Gwen Stacy pairing and the Andrew Garfield/ Emma Stone pairing–obviously because one is acted and one is… a real life matter… but still, maybe because they both do have feelings for each other, the romance that exists between those two couples are sort of bridged. i don’t exactly know how to explain it, but i’m a die hard fan of romance, and i know chemistry when i see one. so that’s that.

second: the action.

i mean, it’s Spiderman. the romance is supposed to take the back seat, but of course for me, the romance is always the highlight.

-_- hopeless romantic. don’t ask.

but really, compared to the first Spiderman, you can tell that the action stuff here is far better. maybe because technology has developed greatly in the past few years, and you can’t exactly watch the first Spiderman in 3D, so that’s a plus for this movie. i’m especially intrigued by the spider webs… the spider webs that looks like guitar strings, but tighter and much much stronger. as always, with all Spiderman movies, the fun part is watching the process in which the loner Peter Parker transforms into the all too cool Spiderman. it’s like ‘ooh! that’s Spiderman’ idk if it’s just me, but it seems like the author of the comic series got lucky. because Spiderman sounds cool, and Batman too, but that’s another thing. imagine if you got ‘horseman’ or ‘dogman’ or even ‘lizardman’, that’s just weird.

aaannd~ i’m done! that’s all that i wanted to say, or write. i think it’s a pretty short post… or is it not?

oh, and one more thing. what happened to his parents? by that i meant Spiderman’s parents. because they kept on saying things like ‘have you told him about his parents…’ and i’m like what exactly happened to his parents?! ARGH *pulls hair* you’re not supposed to do that in movies. keep that in mind directors! you’re basically mentally tormenting your audience and you do not want to do that. you do not.

anyways, see you lovelies next time… hopefully next time i’ll be writing because i feel inspired, and is progressing with my own story instead of doing another review on things that are born from other people’s seriously awesome creativity.



6 thoughts on ““You shouldn’t be making promises that you can’t keep.” “But it’s the best one.”

    1. lol! Easy A is epic. and you should watch! i mean, a friend of mine said the Spiderman movie was just ‘okay’, but i think it’s amazing!
      maybe i’m biased because the power couple starred in that movie as … couples, but if you like Emma Stone as well, then you might not have trouble liking that movie ^^


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