dad’s back! \\(^-^)//

hey blog. apparently, i didn’t get to write the uni post that i promised you yesterday, and no, i don’t have any excuses this time. that night that i promised i’d write a uni post, mom was suddenly in front of my nose shoving me flu meds and telling me to sleep. i mean, i didn’t have to follow what she said, but i was tired, and sick and so i actually obeyed. yesterday… i went shopping for most of the morning, and in the afternoon…. you know what? i didn’t really know what i did yesterday afternoon. i guess i should be sorry tee hee~ but i guess it just wasn’t the right time for me to write a uni post.


dad’s home now 😀 there’s always going to fun and laughter when dad’s around. he just went home from a meeting trip in Bali, so we got food: chocolate pie and cheese pie and milk pie. all the yum yum stuff. i got a tee as well. you know, something about my dad… even though he looks cool and calm and collected in the outside, he’s actually pretty observant. he got me a long sleeved tee, and it’s dark red, which is my favorite shade of red (red, which is my favorite color). and he said he got me the long sleeved one so that i can bring it to Montreal. my dad is such a sweetheart. i tried it on, and it feels so comfy it will make for good PJs. i now understand why mom married him.

when dad’s around, i cannot not eat. i mean it’s 9.30PM when he got back, but since he hadn’t eaten yet (and because he brought all those goodies with him), i just had to eat, you know? despite the fact that tomorrow i had to wear this tight-fitting dress at my aunt’s wedding, i couldn’t care less. the milk pie was good ^^

and i mean, he just got home, and already he was joking around, sitting on my baby sister Raissa’s lap. it’s always so noisy and crowded here when he comes, but i have no complaints. it’s lively…. and i love how it felt complete with dad around. being the eldest girl in the family, i always had to give up mom to my younger sisters. so i have always been daddy’s little girl… and as all daddy little girls are, i hope someday i could marry someone like my dad. or someone even better. i hope i can end up with a good man like him.

in a good mood!  so i might be writing my uni post now. i might. 😉



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