i’m sick, and lost my ability to write a post properly

*sneezes my way in*

okay, so i lost count. i sneezed a bajillion times today, let’s just put it that way.

this flu is really weird. sometimes i feel like i’m getting better, sometimes i feel like it’s getting worse… like my headache today… it is sooo unnerving. gosh i hate headaches. maybe it’s because i did a lot of university things today… had so many questions for the advisor, so i emailed them (am i the only one who thinks that emailing people needs a lot of time and energy?)… i also checked out some checklists of the necessities that i have to bring to my dorm, and also check out on some banking infos, and hotel reservations,… basically the whole lot. this is where my meditation camp became soo beneficial. i now can actually understand that mom needs my help with everything. even in writing her identifications for the hotel reservations. it used to annoy me so much but i can now accept that. i mean, i acknowledge the fact that i don’t like it, but then i let go of it. just like that. i don’t like it, but i still help her anyways~ because she’s mommy, and i’m her little girl who apparently types faster than she does.

anyways, despite everything, i may write another post soon. it’s probably because:

first: i realize the many grammar and spelling mistakes in my last post >> oxygen a.k.a meditation camp –and being the grammarnazi that i am, i cannot tolerate it. however, i find myself not trying to fix any of those mistakes, and let my readers see just how bad my grammar and spelling are when i’m being careless. most of the time, i will always edit my post to eliminate as much grammar or spelling mistakes as possible, but this time i’m just going to let it pass. because i made too many mistakes. and i’m not feeling well today… worse even. *sigh*

second: i’m going to make a university post. i happen to browse back a couple of pages in my blog and realized that i haven’t done a university post yet. i mean, i actually made an effort not to say anything about university decisions and whatnot because i didn’t want to let anything out yet before it’s completely set, but it looks like i have come to forget about writing what could probably be one of the most important posts i will ever write. because going to university is another milestone, and if i can write something as random as paper bags then i can definitely write something about my ‘prospective’ university. (that sounds funny to me, i’ll explain to you why in my next post)

that’s about it really. there’s nothing else to tell you aside from me being a little incompetent sick girl looking up some university information. i mean, it is my responsibility to get informed anyways.

will be seeing you soon~


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