like what the album said… it really was a special Friday.

*kiss kiss kiss*

i haven’t been blogging for a long time now huh?

i’ve been through an eventful six days (again). idk why things were so rough for me these days, but i’m naturally an ignorant person anyway… so i’m skipping the bad details and will just go on to the fun part 😀 yeay! ~

okay, so last Thursday, i had a sleepover at park sis’s house with nay and the next day, we went to shelley’s house. i’m not sure if i’ve made a #friendshipseries post about her and i’m too lazy to check it now, but i’m going to check sooner or later. shelley’s going to Taiwan next Saturday, and this is where the second part of my story / daily update comes in. i can’t send her off. the rest of my friends are planning to go to the airport and ‘send her off’ but i can’t because i’m having this meditation camp at Puncak where i will be meditating and doing light yoga and everything for a week. and i will be leaving in about… uh… one hour. so how about that? i don’t really understand what i’m going to do in that one week that i’m there– my phone will be taken from me, so that’s that. it’s the perfect opportunity to write! i think even God is pushing me to write more.

back to the main story: i made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. well, it was not exactly me who made those cupcakes since the boys (kev and shell’s brother) were all too willing to get their hands dirty and having a lot of people in the kitchen is really not my style (really, am not making this up for excuses) so i just sat back and watched the bromance. i helped with the cream cheese a little, but that’s probably it. oh! and i made a ‘rose shaped’ icing on top of one of the cupcakes…

we made good memories. ate good food, blew bubbles, walked around the complex, saw big hotel like houses and fantasized about how one day we will have a house that outsize all the other ones there, and even make a bridge in between those two houses–something like an extended family big big manor.this is why i’m saying my imagination is my closest best friend. it has the ability to make me feel so powerful, and happy for no reason. 😛

i have been treasuring everything lately. like how i know that i will have to leave in a month and a half, i would be stupid if i take everything for granted now. for all i know, shell is going next Saturday and that last Friday was the last time i see her. ever. except well, if i have a decent part time job in Montreal and have enough money to buy a plane ticket to Taiwan and see her. fingers crossed yeah?

i’ll be going for now. be seeing you in one week kay blog? i’m so going to make this mediation week worth the hassle (and the money. and the time).

see you when i see you. xx


2 thoughts on “like what the album said… it really was a special Friday.

  1. we’ll meet sooner or later again vic 😀
    It was definitely a special friday! Made a lot of wonderful memories!
    Thanks again for your lovely phone call, it was really meaningful to me ❤
    I hope to see you again! and I'll check on your blog & read through it time to time 🙂


    your faithful reader.

    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ it's the least that i can do shell bell :')
      so i guess you're in Taiwan already… i just got home this afternoon, right when your plane left T.T i'm really really sorry i couldn't send you off. if this helps, i had to do several sessions of 'meditation cinta kasih' and i thought of you ❤ i hope you get my love wherever you are.

      the best of luck ya sheelll~ i'll not be transiting at Taiwain, unfortunately, but we'll definitely meet again someday yea?
      thank you for being my faithful reader *tear* that also means a lot to me :')


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