“just how can i say goodbye to the people that i know…”

a very very long week blog. it has been a very long week.

you know what? someone broke into my house,… and stole my laptop. my stories, my poems, my pictures, my songs, my presentations… everything’s gone.everything.

anyways, i’m not going to talk about that regardless of the fact that it really is a sad, hysterical moment for me. i’m going to talk about graduation. somehow the word ‘graduation’ is still sooo foreign to me.

so yesterday, i started my day at 4.30-ish in the morning. had to get up to get my hair done, thankfully it didn’t take a long time to do. went home, did my own make up and wore this traditional Kebaya–it was a hassle, but it really is a one time experience… thing. so i was pretty excited about it all.

it’s hard to explain the graduation. i was anticipating it, but at the same time i didn’t want graduation to come so quickly. happy, sad, scared, excited, bittersweet feelings. that’s what i feel about my graduation. surprisingly, i didn’t cry– somehow because i think there’s nothing to cry for. i mean i still load on waterproof mascara just in case… but it was a happy event. it was touching and memorable and definitely something that i will remember for a long time, nonetheless i will always remember it as a happy thing, instead of an eyeliner-running-down-my-cheeks thing.

i got a $200 worth of scholarship which is not bad ๐Ÿ˜€ Kevin was valedictorian, so he got $300 and i’m so proud of him!ย  some of my other friends also got $100 for their outstanding performance in the areas that they specialize in. and we know everyone likes to get money ๐Ÿ˜‰

i guess subconsciously we all know that we’re nearing the end of high school. slowly, my friends are going their own separate ways and i’m going to go on my own as well. in fact, one of my friends is going in the next three weeks to Taiwan. i’m going to miss everyone dearly. i have been in the same school for close to sixteen years, and as such, i have seen my friends come and go. this time, i’m going to have to go as well and leaveย  what i have considered my second family. they are after all, my brothers and sisters. my comrades in the battle which is high school, and we have been through a lot together.

no matter how sometimes they annoy me as hell (which is the truth), i will always love them. always.



6 thoughts on ““just how can i say goodbye to the people that i know…”

  1. I’m sorry that someone took your stuff, that was low of them :[ If that happened to me I would be so incredibly angry but hey, it’s a good excuse to get a new laptop now ;] About your friends, just remember that it’s not a goodbye, it’s simply a “see you later” :] My friends and I have all gone in different directions this year but we know that we’ll see each other sooner or later! Congratulations on graduating and getting a scholarship, that’s awesome! I have to add that you look so pretty too :] I wish I looked that good at my graduation haha

    1. naww dear!!! ~ thank you soooo much !
      yea, it makes it harder for me to blog. but i’m trying to channel my writing into some other things…
      the laptop itself is actually pretty old already, but it’s what’s inside that makes me feel so sad to lose it.
      thank you for the consolation hon ^^ i know i can always count on you.
      and you must look so pretty too in your graduation pictures! i bet ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. It’s no problem :] I wrote down a tonne of ideas for blog posts in a ‘note’ on my phone…My friend found it -.- She asked what it was but I played dumb and deleted it before she could really look too closely haha. I’m not sure if you know but my friends don’t actually know that I blog at all. It’s kind of my ‘thing’ I guess :]
        My laptop recently decided to die and I lost everything on it too :[ Music, stories, essays, videos and photos..ALL MY GRADUATION PHOTOS. Gone. Ah well, memories last forever right? ;]

      2. oh dear… that’s too bad!!
        lol ๐Ÿ˜€ my friends stalk a lot. and i don’t quite understand how to ‘lock’ my blog so i just… let them be.
        as long as they know i blog about everything and it’s not that business what i blog about. tee hee~
        yes, memories last forever. it’s in your head, the back of your brain, sometimes in your dreams ๐Ÿ˜‰
        and i have the feeling we’ll always remember graduation…

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