challenge #10: write a fan fiction

okay. so yesterday, for the sake of completing my ‘The Things I do Before I Turn 18’ challenge, and because i was succumbed to boredom (and was somehow antsy all through it), i’ve decided to write my first fan fiction.

before you read the real fanfiction, i just want to make these things clear. first of all, i do not write fan fictions. hence, it became a challenge. i mean, i love fan fictions! really, i do. it’s just that every time i gather the nerve to write one, i kinda feel guilty. i always have trouble in giving a story or a plot justice, much more when i know the story already has a plot prior to me writing the story. when i write my own plot, i don’t have to worry about anything else aside from… aside from making it good, really. but with an already existing plot, i feel like i have to live up to the story. i’ve heard of ‘alternate realities’ and such terms on fan fiction sites, but writing an alternate reality scene doesn’t sit well on my stomach. just because. so i write a lot of things, but not fan fictions.

anyways, i decided to write a fan fiction on the Avatar series, and i wrote about the Zuko x Katara pairing that i love so much. 😀 the reason why i wrote about it was because from all the cartoons and anime series that i know, i’m more ‘acquainted’ to this series, and this pairing. again, i’m not a fan fiction writer, so it is important to me to write about one particular series of one particular pairing that i believe to have known well already.

as a background information: the scene takes place after the war was over. for some reason unfathomable, Azula is dead (more likely killed by Zuko, though the reason is unclear to me. i didn’t delve onto that aspect further). i’m not sure if Aang is alive or dead, and i didn’t know what happened to Ozai. my concern of this story line begins and ends as the fan fiction does, so if anyone asked me what happened to Appa or Momo, i couldn’t answer your question. :/ more so, even though this is a Zutara fan fiction, Zuko ends up with Mai. because in the real series, he did end up with her, so i thought it’d be easier to toy with their thoughts and their emotions rather than the whole story. despite my love for the Zuko x Katara pairing, i couldn’t steel myself enough to write about something entirely different from the original series.

so i hope that the fan fiction is a great success. i can’t judge as it is already a great feat for me. idk when or where i will be writing another fan fiction, but as far as i’m concerned, this might just be my first and last fan fiction. challenge #10 is completed !

enjoy~ Separated


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