challenge #9: riding a bicycle

you might question why i put this on as a challenge. but… i can’t ride a bike. well, now that i’m writing this post, i couldn’t. i can now 😀

i might have to refer you to my previous post, but going to Bali (which accomplished another one of my mission) really was hitting two birds with one stone. i learnt so much when i went there… it was both educational as well as entertaining, and i couldn’t ask for more.

learning how to ride a bike was… interesting, to say the least. another reason why i put this up as a challenge was because the learning process of it was embarrassing. i have always imagined myself learning to ride a bike in my backyard, where there wouldn’t be anyone laughing at me when i fall. because i will fall. it’s like… who the hell didn’t fall when they tried to ride a two wheeled bike for the first time? who knew i would learn to ride a bike on the busy streets of Bali with dogs chasing me around and little children laughing at me… *face palm*

but it was all good fun. when i looked back, all i could remember were the good times. i mean sure, it’s hard at first… the bumpy roads don’t help either, nor do the little cheeky (kind) children and the scruffy neighborhood dogs, but i had tonnes of fun trying to maintain my balance and it felt like such a great feat once i managed to reach my destination. it doesn’t matter how many blisters i got, how many purpling bruises that are forming like mushrooms on my thighs and calves, as long as i reach the final point, i was very happy.

i was ecstatic.

challenge #9 has been conquered.


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