BALI 14-19/05’12

Bali Bali Bali. you know, i once had a friend who asked me if Indonesia is located in Bali… and i had to control all my horses to not snort at her question. but i couldn’t blame her. there’s a reason why Bali is more famous than the country it originates from. even on my fourth trip there, Bali never cease to amaze me.

needless to say, this senior trip with my girlies… and Kevin… is undoubtedly one of the most memorable trip i have ever experienced in my entire seventeen years of life. somehow going on this trip felt like a major accomplishment. and somehow, the fact that i funded half of my trip and didn’t ask for pocket money from my parents made this trip the more special. (not to mention making me more of a cheapskate than i already am)

i had my first surfing lesson… which was fun, tiring, and is totally the perfect opportunity to obtain self-inflicted injury. that board… the one that looks so cool and sunny and colorful from afar is really heavy. i cannot strain that enough. it’s really really heavy. i may have exaggerated that a little more than i intended to but believe me when i say that board cost a lot of damage to me and my flimsy limbs. i was like a little drenched mouse trying to paddle a banana leaf to the middle of the sea. it is just not working! i got tired trying to paddle myself rather than actually surfing. my attempts were futile– no matter how many times i tried to scramble up that board, i’d end up jumping to the side trying to get away from it as fast as i could so that i would not get hit. but of course, i just had to get hit now, don’t i? the damn board hits me anyway.


it was only when my 2 hour lesson was about to end that i remembered the Avatar series and how they emphasize on ‘going with the flow’ when dealing with water–and so after three angry purple bruises, a stubbed bleeding toe and mouthfuls of sea water, i could finally… FINALLY… ride the waves. i have my Avatar obsession to be thankful for.

as if that’s not enough, i agreed to go on a bike tour with my friends while in Bali. i don’t know what got into me when i agreed to do that bike tour, but i thought it would be fun–because you know, what i had in mind was just a 10-15 km ride somewhere in the country, no bumpy roads, … i mean, at least for my first time riding a bike with no safety wheels, i could still manage to go about waddling like a sick duck trying to keep my balance. but no, i just had to be wrong. again. so the trip was actually from Kintamani to Ubud. a 35 km ride. going through big roads with cars and trucks along the way honking you off your seat, that or going through bumpy country roads with dogs barking and chasing you around. i might have struck a conversation with one or two of those dogs, trying to shoo them out of my way. i was like a bumbling baffoon on a bicycle. not to mention the little children laughing at you every time you fall. (because apparently, it seems like everyone in Bali can ride a bike).

it was quite an adventure really… i managed to only fall twice, but that was not the end of my suffering. i crashed through a paddy field, i almost went in a ditch, almost trampled on a puppy, and i crashed a motorcycle. the poor lady’s face when she was shocked to see me blundering onto her motorbike was priceless~ but i only managed a little squeaky ‘sorry’ because i was also just a bundle of nerves having her first bike ride through big main roads. i can only do so much.

it really was ‘Adventure in Bali’. from the overpriced absolute vanilla with sprite on rocks, the bike ride, the surfing lessons, the adrenaline charging rides in Waterbom, to my naggy friends forcing me to do a couple photo shoot with my almost brother slash best-guy friend Kevin, i had tonnes of fun. my mom walked in my room when i was checking out the pictures and she was like: “are they trying to get you to do like a pre-wedding photo shoot with him?” i could only shrug my shoulders… “at least it’s free mom.”

but then of course things have got to end. five days went so fast, and i wasn’t so keen on leaving amazing Bali. but even the sun sets in paradise~ little did i know, i was on my plane back to Jakarta, and then a bus ride later, i find myself in front of my mom while she was fussing over my bruises and my scratches, trying to find me betadine while muttering something along the lines of “… like a little wife with an abusive husband.” i can’t say i don’t know who she meant.

essentially, i’m not entitled to say: “i will never forget this trip”, because it is what humans do. we forget. but i’m 110% positive that i will not forget this trip for a long time, when i had one of the best times of my life just fooling around with my friends along the coasts of the Kuta beach.


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