“… and in freedom, most people find sin.” – The Fault in Our Stars

okay so oh my God guys i am done.

i am so done and completed and toasted and finished! it’s like… the end of high school for me. literally.

i mean, my graduation is not until the 2nd of June, but today is officially my last academically productive day before university.

so let me just do a checklist:



college applications ☑

school exams ☑

National exams ☑

GAC assessments ☑


yea, you got that right. Bali is like the final destination. and of course graduation, but it’s not on the list. haha!

i’ll be going to Bali like next Monday, so i’ll probably spend my weekend reading books, writing stuff here or wherever, and harness my creative skills that have been pushed back to the rear because of work (and long nails– i haven’t touched my piano since then). and i just borrowed my friend’s signed copy of John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars. yes, it’s a signed copy and it’s very important. i don’t know why.

if you will, i’m going to start enjoying my freedom.

see you soon! x


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