ship what?!

shipping? why shipping?

shipping is when you order something online from overseas and get them sent to your doorstep, then you’ll be charged with a shipping cost.

i mean, if you’re new to the world of cartoon obsessions like i am, you might be new to this. i was like … “shipping. what?” but that’s what people call their obsession on a couple that is meant to be. “i ship them.” that’s what they say. and there’s like this whole bunch of other stuff. OTP (one true pairing), and alternate endings, and canon–stuff that i still don’t quite understand. and lemon? that’s porn. why lemon? i. don’t. know.

okay, so i’m apparently really good at falling in love with fictional characters i swear it’s downright ridiculous. i guess i can stick with the ever so cliche reason: “fictional characters will never break my heart.” but that’s just sad. and i’m never one to be too scared about getting my heart broken, plus losing my face confessing to the boy i like… even though i have only confessed once if that counts (._.) it’ll just make it harder for me to ‘fall’ for another guy that’s all. anyways…

so i like … contrast. i like black and white. i like distinct differences. i like relationships that doesn’t always go smoothly, while at the same time, the arguments are the focal point which binds the couple to their relationship–at least in cartoons. i stand my ground when i say that opposites attract and that imperfection is not overrated.

so you see… the Avatar series is all about people who can bend elements and whatnot and aside from the sucker-punch actions that they pack into the series, i LOVE it when the sneaky sneaky smart producers put in a romance between two people who bend different elements. particularly that of fire and water. obviously, if you watch the Last Airbender series, you’ll see that my ‘shipping’ crashed and sunk ungracefully to the pits of the deep blue sea. sadly,and to my great disappointment, Zuko and Katara did not end up together.

i swear the producers are like: 

…but now that the new series is here (The Legend of Korra) and the teasers are all ‘heading the right direction’ with the romance between the firebending guy/Mako and the Avatar/waterbending girl/Korra (hence the title “The Legend of Korra”), they just HAVE to introduce Asami to the story who is super rich and insanely beautiful and nice, and she’s about to steal the firebending guy. my reaction:

oh no you DIDN’T just introduced a new girl to the series.

but yes, they did, and it’s just sooo frustrating. see it might make no sense to you readers who never essentially feel this way, nor have no care in the world at all at what i’m experiencing through but… this, is serious. because when i read something, or i watch something, i become emotionally attached to the character no matter what, and that may not be a healthy thing but whatever. it helps me grow creatively. so to say. plus i can’t help it >.<

so producers!…

and that’s it. congratulations! you just wasted 5 minutes of your life reading this post, i have wasted 5 minutes of my life writing this post, and we’re all happy.

until the next craze blows by blog



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