just keep smiling

so i guess i haven’t been writing for a while, huh?

i figured that rather than writing more rant posts that would most definitely litter my blog, i’d rather glue my fingers to my keyboard and finish whatever assessments i have waiting for me. and i must say i did a fairly good job at that HAHA! 😀

finished my business studies report in 5 hours, and my seminar presentation in 8 hours. although it feels like my brain will involuntarily shut down after doing rigorous work, i felt happy. another thing i could check out of my to-do list. but of course, when laziness hits and perseveres, despite my many attempts to do my work, i couldn’t do it, and naturally i came back to you, blog.

if you’re ever asking, i’m doing great! just a week left and then freedom. the majority of my work’s done, and i just have to do one other assessments and some minor tweaking to my other ‘almost-completed’ assessments

i’ll be talking to you more once i have the chance.



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