sometimes things scare the shit out of you.

and the worst part is, you don’t know exactly what you’re scared about.

so i’m scared about the future. big deal, i guess everyone must have felt that way at one point of their lives. about the things that have yet to come, about the things that will inevitably rule out the course of my life. i guess i’m scared about screwing it all up and ending up in the gutter without being able to realize my dreams.

i have dreams. a lot of them. big dreams. it’s like piecing up a puzzle or a collage. my dreams are just little pieces of what will later on make up the big picture. i am not sure what the big picture is for now, but i’m sure i’ll sooner or later find out what it is.

until then, i’ll be done with high school in about two weeks. it’s both daunting and exciting at the same time. i’m excited to see what’s in store for me in university, i’m scared of leaving people behind. my friends and i will soon have to go on our own separate ways, and it’s like going out of my comfort zone. i have been with them for so long that a place without them will feel… different.

anyways, here’s to the last piece of hard work that i’d have to do before graduating high school.

here’s to working my butt off for the last real deal.


3 thoughts on “scared

  1. I have that same fear too! I’m scared that I’m going to do something wrong or do the wrong degree and then bam, screw up my whole life. Since I’ve been working though, I’ve kinda learned that everything works out in the end; no matter how badly you mess it up! I’ve seen numerous people knock over bins of fruit and there’s always been someone there asking if they’re okay and to help them clean it up. Basically, there will always be someone there with you! Whether it be us, the little blogging community or everyone else in the world. It’s scary but it’s a good kind of scary! Enjoy high school while it lasts, the time will go so quickly now! :]

    1. i guess everyone wants to know what the future holds for them.
      but sometimes, it’s also not better knowing. i guess. at least for me 😀
      don’t worry dear, you’re not alone. we’re all scared ^^
      and thank you for commenting. see you around soon !


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