the driving part is true.

i mean i can’t drive yet… technically. i can drive, but i haven’t got a license. and my parents’ are not allowing me to drive… yet. big deal.

*sigh* i guess running away was ideal. it’s too confusing in here. in my brain. in my nerve systems. in my sweat glands.

confused with university, confused with the amount of work piling up, but then again i have always been my own team. i have no one to rely but myself. well, recently mom jumped in the wagon to help with some college research but that is it. and i don’t blame her. there’s only so much that mom can help me with, and sometimes the things that you have to do, you have to do on your own.

i guess it comes up to my own judgment, and to my own will. but the thing is, i’m sick and tired of working my ass of every time the teacher came up with a surprise work to do. so i just found out my computing teacher ‘forgot’ or say, ‘didn’t think that it was that important’ to tell us that we still have to finish some random terminology logbook that is even though not that tough of a work, is still work.

but then, who am i to complain? people are dying every day because of famine and i’m complaining in here because i’m having too much work.

don’t mind me.

i’m just b*tching.

see you folks. i love you.


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