hiatus: exam periods

hey you guys…

busy busy month. governmental exams in two weeks. TWO FREAKIN’ WEEKS! and GAC assessments in four weeks. i’m basically screwed both mentally and physically just after i’m back from Spring break. how fun.

that being said, i might not blog for a little while… i’m going to focus my external and internal energy, auric energy, and whatever energy it is that i have inside me directed to my two last exam periods.

so here’s just a little something something for you guys. this song has been playing nonstop in my head when i’m doing physics, math, chemistry, while i’m in the shower, while i’m picking on my nails… it’s that catchy. a lot of people have compared them to Justin Bieber… but meh :/ i go for good music regardless of the artist. not to mention London looks gorgeous in their music video. :3 want to go there so badlyyy~

well! anyways… wish me luck b~! this month is going to be a b*tch.


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