a little beauty history

Beauty – Victorian Era to 1930’s

Beauty – 1940’s to 1970’s

it’s only been recently that i have been so interested in the … uhh… beauty world.

i think it’s some sort of a mid-teen-late-teen transition. and obviously to any girl, make up tutorials are going to be fascinating at first, but it became a drag to only watch tutorials after tutorials–so i’m pretty happy when someone made the extra effort to actually show a story instead of just: “after blending in the copper shadow, highlight the brow bone…” you know, that sort of thing.

but i have always been intrigued with history and world economic. i absolutely love it to the point where i could as well be history’s secret lover , as weirdly as that sounds. and those videos up there are full of them. full of saturated history fat. that’s what. i was sold and was as curious as a cat when i decided to spend more or less ten minutes of my time learning a piece of history that i couldn’t get in the classroom.

anyways~ if you’re into beauty products, or if you’re just curious about the role of women and femininity throughout history, then you should check those two videos out. i strongly recommend it. it’s amazing how much you can relate style  to post world war situations.

check out her website! Lisa Eldrige Make Up

… and no, i’m not paid to advertise her website. just saying.

… and there are not my videos. it’s all Lisa Eldridge’s.



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