the mockingjay pin: something to die for


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  1. Aw, the Mockingjay! I just read The Hunger Games a couple of weeks ago and watched the movie on Sunday! I’m kinda semi-obsessed with it now! My friend has finally gotten the second book and she’s leaving it in my letterbox for me to read tomorrow! I’M SO RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED.

    1. you should definitely get into reading the second book love! it’s even BETTER if you can imagine that. out of the trilogy my favorite book is undoubtedly the second book.


      1. I actually just finished reading it last night! Definitely my favorite so far! But gah, such a CLIFFHANGER even though I know what happens in the last book haha I couldn’t help myself and I had to look up what happens! Now I just have to wait for my friend to get the last book out, hopefully sometime next week! :]

      2. The ending of the book definitely wasn’t what I expected, just how the tributes were working together to save them! I thought it was going to be a mad killing spree just like the others but obviously not :’] It was a nice twist! She really is such an amazing, talented writer!

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