Jennifer Lawrence

if you’re like me, (and i couldn’t be the only one) you’d haunt and stalk and haunt (some more) actors and actresses from your favorite movie. and this time around, it’s Jennifer Lawrence who played Katniss on The Hunger Games for me. i haven’t watch Winter’s Bone yet, but i’m defo looking forward to it!

if i’m obsessed with Miranda Kerr because of her eating habits, i’m so head-over-heels with Jennifer Lawrence because she said: “diet sucks” lol. it’s funny how two very strong, and sometimes very positive attitude, can cancel each other out. i love the fact that she feels like she doesn’t have to be skinny to be pretty, because she is in fact, very pretty. in the interviews that i watched of her, she seems to be such a down to earth person (not that i know her personally… but i hope i’d have the chance to 😛 ) and she seems to be very real. and very likable. add to the fact that she has one of the most gaawwgeeous blonde locks that looks like… gold fountain sprouting from the top of her head.

she’s someone people should look up to. she tries her best to perfect what is imperfect about her without losing herself too much in the process. such balance is hard to achieve. i mean seriously… check her out on youtube–like her interviews on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ or ‘Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel’ (i get confused with them both… they look like the same program :/) she’s a mixture of hilarity, humbleness, and just overall a great personality. if i’m going to feature all of her interview videos, it will take me ages~ to post this … post.

what i’m trying to say is: she’s hot


7 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence

    1. yea sure… not everyone will be liked by the fans ^^ but have you watched the movie though? because if you haven’t, i strongly recommend you to. i was skeptical as well at first. just because she’s twenty something now–21 (?)– and she’s supposed to portray a 16 year old girl. but in my opinion, she managed to act out Katniss brilliantly. easy to say that it was beyond my expectations. and for a movie based on a book, The Hunger Games did pretty well 😀

      1. Yes, i have watched the film. And i have to agree, she played Katniss very well. However, i still dont think she fits the profile. Somehow, to me, she just looks wrong as Katniss.

        But the film did meet my expectations as it was so brilliantly adapted.

      2. lol 😀 everyone will have their own opinion on Katniss… especially now that the rave for The Hunger Games is huge~ and everyone has their own vision for each of the characters. so the vibe isn’t quite there for you is it?

        yes, the film was so brilliantly adapted. i see that you’re doing a degree on Digital Film and Television? cool 😉 so i guess your comment on the movie is pretty legit haha! ^^

      3. It wasnt when it came to the casts. Most of the casting was just out for me. Even Haymitch doesnt look drunk and dirty enough, when compared to the book.

        Yes, i am. In my final year as well. Haha, legit, i dont know, to each their own. Unless its a technical thing.

      4. agree. Haymitch should appear to be a little bit more drunk and dirty… maybe a couple of mucus here and there would do the trick. i’m pretty happy with Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss, and Josh Hutcherson playing Peeta… i’m not sure with Liam playing Gale though. and to be completely honest, Rue was not how i imagined her to be and Cato was too good looking. so i guess most of the casts were off for me too, but the movie was so great i’m sort of willing to forgive the casting team. haha

      5. Yea, Rue was not how i imagined her to be as well, and Liam is not good looking and tall enough to be gale. Haha.

        I too forgave the casting team after they made up for it with the awesome adaptation.

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