i didn’t eat much yesterday. to think about it, i didn’t even have a proper meal yesterday. not even breakfast.

skipped breakfast, went to the parent-teacher-student conference, skipped lunch, went straight to Mandarin, went home, skipped dinner, slept for three hours, wake up, read some, sleep again. that’s basically how yesterday goes.

i find that i don’t get hungry when something big comes up. e.g: exams, competitions, report day (like how it was yesterday) i don’t get hungry. i feel bloated. it’s more of a psychological thing ._. or is it really a physical thing? i’m not sure. my stomach has been a weak stomach all my life… maybe that’s why.

since i’m now having my term holiday, my thoughts are again centered on what i should do with this precious free time. write, study, read, chill, sleep, eat, hang out… there’s not enough time in a day to do all that. 24 hours is just simply not enough. and the most dangerous thing that could happen this week is that i’m too immersed in my holiday zone that i forgot to study. that will not be a preferred scenario. because when i get to school, i’ll only be two weeks away from governmental exams. yes… the nerve-wrecking, blood-pounding, stress-inducing, zit-encouraging, sneaky sneaky governmental exams are creeping up.

what’s worse is when i realize that i’m over-thinking things that i should do. something really unimportant at that when i could just do it. 

over-thinking. over-thinking. over-thinking.

it ruins me.


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