“I just keep wishing I could think of a way to show them that they don’t own me. If I’m gonna die, I wanna still be me.”

first things first. WARNING: if you absolutely hate spoilers (like me) and cannot stand word vomits, do not read beyond the asterisk line.


we’re good? okay, we’re good.

so i just got back from the movies. direct translation: i just watched The Hunger Games, and it did not disappoint. was a little skeptical at first because the book was so good and i was scared that everything will just get messed up with the movie, but after hearing good reviews from my international forum friends, as well as some close buddies, i can’t wait to see it! and… it did not disappoint. it skipped some scenes, but overall, the movie did the book justice. there’s one scene though, that is not in the book, but is unbelievably perfect and fits the story like a glove. it is when President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland, said: “hope, it is the only thing stronger than fear. A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous. Spark is fine, as long as its contained. so contain it.” –that there just made the movie a whole lot stronger imo.

sad points in the movie: The reaping and Rue’s death. — those hit close to home. especially that i’m a big sister myself, those scenes are a liiittle touchy. just because. Jennifer’s acting was some big stuff, everyone (again) was skeptical when she got the part as Katniss because everyone said that she was ‘too old’. nonsense. she did brilliantly.

Josh Hutcherson… who wouldn’t like him? with a face like that , and playing the sweetheart, everyone’ll like him. i didn’t really like him when i read the book to be honest. i’ve always been a ‘first-come-first-serve’ girl if you’d put it that way so naturally, i preferred Gale to be with Kat instead of with Peeta (the character that Josh played) at first, but then changed my mind when reading Mockingjay ._. still, it’s not that obvious in the movie, but in the book, Katniss didn’t have any feelings whatsoever towards Peeta. Peeta on the other hand, pretended to like her ‘for the show’ but in reality, genuinely likes her. if that makes sense. basically just a whole bunch of lies coming out from his mouth that sometimes makes it hard to track which of his feelings are true. but i feel really really bad when Kat kissed him. really bad. as bad as being cheated on. one historical line of Peeta’s that wasn’t shown in the movie was when they were already victors, and when they finally reached District 12–Peeta went to hold Katniss’s hand and said: “one more time? for the audience?” –it’s heartbreaking. because he meant every word he said during the interviews and the game, while Kat was all pretense. unrequited love… that is always very sad. at least, until the second book :p

i like the fact that Suzanne Collins can write about something in the future, but still incorporate an old element to it. to think about it, the more undeveloped districts even have an older feel compared to the real world now. the clothes, the market, add to the fact that they still use bows and arrows to hunt . and i also like the fact that Collins could slip in hints of political messages in there… like how the capitol suppresses the district and how they tried to keep them under control after the rebellion initiated by District 13. i mean that’s why the hunger games even existed at the first place… it’s to instill fear and hopelessness. because it happens annually, and no children can escape from the reaping once they reached a certain age… so basically what the capitol is trying to say is that every year, twenty three children from all twelve districts will die because of their previous actions. because they rebelled. but that’s what’s so good about this book and movie–it’s the message to embrace the light, and the love, and the hope and avoid this base nature that we also all have inside of us. funny enough, when i read the book, i was petrified to know that the capitol is actually excited into seeing children die in a game; even the idea of imagining people being so happy to watch children dying in a death game was disgusting. you’d think they’re ruthless barbarians.

some people say parts of the movie are boring… but the boring part amps up the action, so i don’t quite mind the boring part. it wasn’t too much anyways… and as always, when the movie ends, i feel sad. it’s always like that for me… a cycle. when i finish reading a book, it feels like i lost a friend and the adventure that comes with it. with the movies, it’s similar, but… less sad. i mean, i couldn’t imagine having a life like Katniss’s, but i get too immersed in the story that when it finally ends, i feel rather reluctant to pull myself back to… the real world, and back to my real problems :/

i hope they’ll make the movies for the last two books in the trilogy. that would be fun to watch ^^ oh, and i BET smart, creative, techy people are now, at the moment, making Peeta’s “i don’t want to forget it” GIF. the chore now is to wait for it.

that’s the end of my very long long post (i’m sure).

happy hunger games. and may the odds be ever in your favor. 


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