once upon a time…

when the strong scent of lemon grass is impermeable, when even the smell of damp earth goes undetected, a young girl wept on the bank of a river.

flat faced and protruding cheeks, she sat, crying brine water that silently traveled down the sides of her face. she wore a peachy cream gown that got wet at the hem, and on her skirt were rose tinted glasses… smeared. shattered.

“why are you crying?” the voice of a woman. gentle, elegant.

the girl looked up and was  so surprised of what she saw that for a while she forgot to cry. wiping the tears from her eyes with the heel of her palms, she saw that standing in front of her was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. clothed in white and blue satin, her right shoulder left bare and shimmering in the light. the lady was a water nymph.

“my heart is broken.” the girl sniffed. “and i’m scared.”

“broken? by whom?” the water nymph asked, still in her composed tone.

“my heart is broken. by a boy no less… a boy who doesn’t know what he wants.”

“is it he, or is it you that doesn’t know what he wants?” she raised one perfect blonde eyebrow.

the girl stared at the pieces of rose tinted glass on her lap. with the fear apparent in her trembling voice, she whispered, “i don’t know.”

from her crystal blue eyes, the water nymph looked at the young girl sitting carelessly on the mud. she tucked a lock of golden hair behind her ears, and listened to the girl’s cry. a sad song, a part of a limping melody. she was clutching at the glass as if for dear life, holding it to her breast so hard that blood came trickling down the gaps of her fingers.

“i was honest with him but he didn’t just reject me. i gave him permission to ignore me.” the young girl sobbed, her breath stuck in her throat.

“never. never again.” she shook her head, causing strands of her ebony black hair to fall like fountains down her clavicle.

the water nymph smiled and approached the girl with the calmness of water. carefully, she kissed the girl’s head, pale skin visible through the dark curtain of her tresses. with that, the water nymph melted and what remained was water, and a silent ripple throughout the river. because the water nymph knew the girl understood that her honesty will take her through the storm. she just needed someone to listen.


2012(c) Victoria Rahardjo
please do not take without my consent. 

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