windchimes and glass tables

Today’s a pretty blustery day out… And at times like this, the only thing I want to do is to stay at home and out in the garden.

There’s one time where mom’s absolutely obsessed with gardening that she bought this whole set of gardening tools, and an array of clay pots, plastic pots, ceramic pots, and she even has this one very big wooden pot that she transformed into a small decorative table.

She’s very creative… She filled the wooden pot with white sand and shells that we collected in one of our beach trips, and she covered that with like a glass disc… You know, the glass thing you use to rotate food on top of the table in chinese restaurants. Yea, my grams gave us that kind of table when we first move in, and mom kinda hate it. lol! she wanted a wooden table at first, but since it was a gift (and from my grams!) she can’t just throw it away. So (grudgingly) she kept it, and complained about it a lot.

Anyways, along with the plethora of tools, she also bought these wind chimes, and I was skeptical at first thinking that it will just create scary tinkling noises at night when it’s windy, but I was wrong. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. She bought a couple of bells and one wooden one, and when it’s windy outside like it is now, the sound they make is beyond gorgeous.

But anyways, I’m not home now, which is a shame. I’m having my mandarin lesson shortly, so I better go now.

Until then b- I’ll see you soon. 😀



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