getting through and missing high school

just read a couple of posts i wrote on this blog about a year ago… and omg were they crap.

i can’t believe how many grammar mistakes i made. and probably still making now… oh gosh, i’m mortified.

oh well~ what i wrote was written already, so there is no need to look back anymore. :/

school base exams in two days! whee~ i am trying really hard to meditate and get my concentration back. the last miles of high school really is one big chunk to take. all i can think of is graduating and having my three months worth of holiday.

and later on, when i look back on the posts that i write in these periods of hardships (like what i just did) i’d be surprised how my blog is soooo academic-oriented and basically boring.

but i need this… i need to write about it so i can get motivated. because i’m slipping. i can feel it. like butter scraped on too much bread. the exhaustion comes fast now, and more work comes faster still…

let’s just do this eh? one by one. i’m trying to enjoy while it lasts… i know i’m going to miss high school :’)


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