i was so close… so close into uploading a rant post today. i’m angry, and i’m exhausted. i hate not having time to read, and write, and do what i want to do. but in the end, i cannot really be angry anyway… because these times… these hard times are going to be the last that i spend with my classmates. when all of this is over, it would only be a matter of months (or even weeks) before we’re separated to go our different ways. after years and years of spending time together… i think i’d need a long time to get used to it.

but i figure that if i wrote a rant post for the every single time i feel frustrated, it will just be a rant blog. and i don’t want that.

optimism 😀 we all need a little bright light in one of our darkest days.

just look at those lanterns… aren’t they beautiful. i’ve always adored things like that… lanterns, lights, fairy lights… i actually bought a set of fairy lights last Christmas. everything was on sale, so i thought i’d buy a set and decorate my room with it when i’m done with everything. i haven’t had the chance to do so… but when i’m finally done with everything, i will paint my room and make use of my fairy lights. it’s going to be pretty 😉

*sigh* so i guess i better be going and do what i have to do…

it’s always nice to catch yourself in the middle of a murky whirlpool and see that beauty exists in everything. significant or insignificant… there are always things to be thankful for.

and i’m grateful for that. 


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