it was just luck.

i might have forgot to mention it to you earlier b, but i had a spelling bee competition at school today… just got home actually. it was a tiring and eventful day.

ever since the spelling bee competition was held in my school, i always joined. so it was grade 5, grade 6, grade 7, grade 8, grade 9, grade 10, grade 11 and grade 12. i was always in the finals, but i never won. it used to be a big deal when i was in grade 5 and grade 6… maybe because i was still such a kid, i didn’t know anything about winning and losing .__. grade 8, grade 9, grade 10… i tried not to care, but then again, losing still matters. grade 11, i didn’t care. grade 12, i was ignorant. to the point where my teacher had to remind me that ‘next’ Saturday (which is today) is the spelling bee competition day.

you know how much i like to think about stuff that isn’t important whatsoever, but i can’t help but think about them anyways. probably the reason why it was such a big deal to me was because i thought i wasn’t good enough. i’ve always seen it as a way to measure myself, and i always failed. but when i won today, i cannot help but feel that i was just lucky.

it was sheer luck.

after all these years of grueling with fancy words that no one uses anyway– i mean who would say: “hey! i was just wondering… have you seen my peignoir? ” exactly. no one. you just freakin’ call it a dressing gown–it is only now that i understand that luck plays a big factor in everything. it’s a fickle thing really, up to the point of it being ridiculous, but i have learnt my lesson to never underestimate luck. because luck maybe a small thing, but however hard you work, you may not be able to achieve what you want without luck.

it was just simply my time. because if i had gotten Cecil’s word, i may not have won. her word was ‘tautology’. like who the heck use that word anyway?

by far, this was the easiest spelling bee competition i have ever done. i didn’t pay the registration fees, i got right in to the finals because no other schools registered their grade 12 students to join the spelling bee, and i got the first prize by doing nothing. i never did get anything without working hard at first… i guess there’s always a first time to everything. and this time, i’m winning it for my sisters. both of them. who have been so supportive from the very start. and it was very surprising when Raissa, my youngest sister, said, “even though you lose, you’re already a winner ci… because you challenged yourself. that’s the most important.” she has always been so mature. even more mature than me sometimes…

anyways, congratulations to my fellow classmates 😀 you guys did excellently! and when Ribka got the word ‘chlorophyll’–which all science students will encounter everyday–i knew that God blessed her. God blesses us all.

so thank you God, for the luck. i know You know i need the money to go to Phuket… with my ‘homies’ 😀

until then b honey… *excuse the pun* i’ll talk to you soon.


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