finishing the challenge

you know what b? i just had a thought… while doing assessments. yes, i’m even distracted by my own thoughts. great.

okay, i was off track. so. i had a thought… challenge can be classified into three different categories.

first:  a challenge that is hard to start. in Physics, i learnt that some reactions need a starting energy. some sort of ‘spark’ to get it going. sometimes it’s that spark that is hard to light. we focus too much on what we have to go through and forget what we will get in return if we do go through ‘it’. whatever ‘it’ is.

second: a challenge that is hard to continue. i rarely experience this, so i have nothing much to say on the matter ._.  it’s not actually hard for me to continue something that i have started, it flows like a rhythm. it has always been (most of the time) easier for me to continue what i have started instead of starting what i want to continue.. if that makes sense.

last: a challenge that is hard to finish. you rely on your stamina and your endurance for this one. sometimes finishing something that you have done for a long time is … tedious. because you’re so close yet so far, and at the same time, you’ve lost your energy on the way, trying to do whatever it is you tried to do to the best of your capabilities.

i am… *sigh* experiencing that right now. high school is almost over. in two months!! it’s so close, yet so far. i still have to do many exams, and i have a lot of assessments to finish. i’m constantly tired, and now i couldn’t hear my mom call me when i’m sleeping. (for whatever reasons, i used to be able to hear her even though i’m sleeping… incorporated to my dream maybe ._. idk) and it’s so unsettling. the exhaustion is so unsettling.

so please God, please give me the strength and the patience to get through everything. because on May 11th, when EVERYTHING is done, i’m going to the mall and get my ears pierced. it will be a historical day for me. the day i’m finally free. (for a while that is… -_- before uni)


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