churros con chocolat for the first of march

don’t you feel like you just have to eat churros NOW b~? … .__. i do. that picture there is of churros from a little, quaint cafe in downtown Manhattan called La Churreria. when i finally get to visit New York, i’ll be going there fosho~

well, i went swimming today, we played water polo and it was really fun. but the thing about me and swimming is that i get so hungry after going swimming–even after i eat something, or a lot of things. -_- and now, i’m still hungry. it was a bad decision–googling food late at night–but i had to do it. i’m DETERMINED, yes determined, to finish my assessment next week if i could (and apparently an essential part of my assessment is googling good food), before my school base examinations start. because after that, i want to focus on studying for my national exams. but i took it as a sign when Dreamweaver crashed on me for the third time today. i guess God wants me to rest :p and i’ll be doing so shortly. bottom line, i’ve gotta hurry b~ not that much time left.

talking about time, today’s the first of March. *sigh* time goes so fast, and i saw it go pass by like a train i wanted to be on. with longing, and also somehow, despair. as it is, i’m going to have to do five assessments next week and also submit in one history presentation. as always… the calm before the storm is the most nerve-wrecking time. it’s good that i’m technically in the storm already. there’s no need for anxiety anymore… at this point, you might as well just hold on to anything that you can hold on to. so let’s keep positive and keep going b…

let’s do this


2 thoughts on “churros con chocolat for the first of march

    1. i know right! i’ve had churros before (once), but i bet they’re nowhere as good as La Churreria’s.
      and i have to agree… that chocolate dip is… to die for.

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