February 29th

thought i’d stop by today and give you a real post b~

have been ‘re-blogging’ pictures and quotes lately, just because everything seem to catch my eye 😀

today’s the 29th of February… a day that will only re-occur in every four years. it’s funny when you think of it. when the next 29th of February comes, i’ll be graduating university, or at least in my last year. and now i’m not even in university yet. imagine all those babies that were born today… a birthday every four years–it may suck, it may not. but i think it’s pretty cool to be born on the 29th. just sayin’ 😉

anyways, speaking about time and date, it’s only two more months before i’m really free. in all honesty b~, i’m already so drained. i’m sick of studying and revising, and not learning something new for a change. but then again, i look forward to all the exams. yes, weirdly enough. the good news is i’m halfway done! i did my practicals and finished my try outs today.  i’m still not sure if the government will give us one other set of mock tests but it will be fine if they did.

because at some point, you’ll know complaining is complaining. yea, the rants will help you get everything off your chest but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do what you have to do. sometimes, the thought of not having a choice is… comforting. because i’ll not need make any decisions at all. sometimes following through is easier than making the decision–and at this point, i don’t have a choice, do i? it’s either i take the national exams, or end up not graduating high school (in Indonesian terms anyway.)

so here’s for today. i really do think that today went well… the sentimental me refuses to make this one-in-four-years day a bad day. don’t mind me.

be seeing you…


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