what a wonderful world.


an exhausting day b~ very exhausting actually. but i can’t help but feel that today’s wonderful.

we really are living in a wonderful world b~ living a wonderful life.

because aside from being tired, i have to thank the world for the music that it gives me, for the inspiration to write, for the homely smell of bread and the warmth of my make-shift bed, although technically, i do sleep on the floor. lol.

i cannot help but see how everything fits together. the good days and the shitty bad days. they all have a purpose.

so today i went to school–did a lot of work there… math, chemistry and biology on the last day. the price of being a science stream student i guess .__. — and then went volunteering. i didn’t get to story tell today since some other group did a drama~ but i get to teach some of the kids math and English, help them with their homework and stuff, and i cannot believe how smart they are. they really are just limited by their parents’ economical situation. went home, and caught up with work. worked out for a good half an hour and now i’m pretty much relaxed, zoning into the weekend. it’s a pretty good day. tiring, but good.

i feel privileged to be alive.

smile 😀 there really is much to be thankful for…


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