si seulement tu sais…. tu me manques. tous les jours.

i fell in love. with a boy. who didn’t even know that i like him.

because the thing is, he will only know that my name is Victoria and that i live in Indonesia. he knows my facebook page and knows my twitter username, but that is all. because the thing is, i will never tell him.

so no matter how much i know about him–the fact that he likes to play rugby, that he got injured just recently, that i like to translate his tweets (a lot), that i like to read the tweets he favorite-d just to get a glimpse of who he really is, that he likes the color orange, dak galbi, that he can play almost all sports but never really like one more than the other, that he is a music enthusiast, he likes to drink hot chocolate at night, doesn’t like peanut butter but likes nutella, likes to take pictures–he’ll never know me back.

and it isn’t his fault that i have a crush on him for nine months and he still doesn’t know… it’s because i’m just too chicken to tell him. i need to move on… he has consumed most of my subconscious sanity and i’m preparing for a fresh start. so i’m maybe going to tell him. soon. i’m going to have a stomachache, and maybe a nosebleed and some major headaches but sometimes you’ve gotta give away your feelings first before you can get rid of it.

lol~ i might sound like a freak. but this is how it is, and i’m not trying to hide it anymore.

it always take a lot of convincing and heavy sighs. but sooner or later i’ll realize that i cannot lose something that i never had. 

so that’s my payback for the missed Valentine’s post b~



2 thoughts on “si seulement tu sais…. tu me manques. tous les jours.

    1. lol. yea, you’re right 🙂 maybe it’s about time to tell him anyways, you know, close another chapter, open a new one. thank you for your suggestion and comment! ^^ see you ard.

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