sugar free

hey b~ i know i said i’m going to blog when i have more time, but what can i do? you’re too distracting.

–do you know that candy brand Ricola? the candies are said to be made from herbs originating from the Swiss mountains. i don’t really like the fact that it is ‘sugar free’ though… i’d rather it contain sugar, but what’s good is that i can eat it even after i brush my teeth 😀 it’s my only favorite hard candy.

so here i am, abusing my body with saccharine filled ‘Elderflower’ Ricola while i’m struggling to start on preparing my Bahasa practicals. at this point, i’d eat anything to keep me awake and working at this hour. i’m so freakin’ exhausted. *sigh*

anyways~ tomorrow’s val day… just read my post for last year’s val day and nothing seem to have changed haha! aside from the fact that i’ll be busier this year than last year. i’ll not have a movie date with ma tomorrow–i need to (again) prepare for practicals.

wish me luck b~ i’ll be back soon.



5 thoughts on “sugar free

      1. Thank you too ~ I am from Taiwan, but now staying in Belize with my parents. Will be going to Canada, this coming summer and you ? Where are you from ?? I hope you are into skincare lol. Hope you can share it among your friends …

      2. wow… Belize? as in South America Belize? that’s awesome! 😀 is it nice there? I’m from Indonesia, and yes, I am a little interested to skincare products… especially those which can combat acne haha 🙂

  1. Ha ~ I am very into skincare esp with acne products and natural skincare that has no harm to our skin since we only have one face and we need to take care of it. Well, feel free to stop by … I will give out all my tips lol !

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