catching yourself.

Hey b~

Told ya I’m going to write soon. Life is well… I’m busy, that’s true, and I’m not living the dream yet, but I’m living the good life right now.

I don’t know what has gotten into me. I have 9 big stuff to do from school. Among which is one speech about conserving biodiversity, making a business summary, doing annotated bibliographies, one (very long) project on story analyzing and graphic designing a banner for my website which will also be an assessment. Oh, and one chemistry test on carbonyl groups. All nine of those are mostly due in this coming two weeks. the weird part is I don’t feel so worried. Sure, I freaked out when the teachers said that they’re giving more projects, but when I calmed myself down and stop thinking, nothing seem to matter anymore.

It’s like catching yourself in the middle of an act and realize ‘this is not right’. Because the thing about being stressed… It messes my period, my hair becomes dull, I get more acnes and sure, I lose weight (a lot of weight in fact) but in an unhealthy way. I have to keep reminding myself that grades are not what keeps me alive. I need the 4.0 GPA alright, but I need to find time to read and write or I’ll never have time. I feed from my imaginations, and I have to do periodic writings or else i’ll go crazy. I want to paint my nails again while still excelling on my studies.

because ladies, if we absolutely have to get stressed, get stressed in style.

Be talking to you soon b~. Tootlepip.


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