Voldemort can never be more charming.

Ralph Fiennes. (pronounced: Rafe Fines) right. he’s the man. we need more people like him. there’s just something about him and the way he sees the world that is very appealing to me. he’s brilliant and he’s composed. it’s not everyday that the world greets a person who can act out the mysterious Count Laszlo de Almasy and then the next day act out the positively unhinging Lord Voldemort. it’s like complete madness! i love him in The English Patient, i love him in Oscar and Lucinda, i love him in Maid in Manhattan, i love him in Red Dragon and he makes a fantastic cruel Duke in The Duchess. i don’t love him in Harry Potter, but that shows just how successful he is in playing the part.

that video up there is one very interesting 38 minute video. i thought it would be a drag, but on the contrary, it is very engaging. maybe what attracted me most to him is that he is the perfect embodiment of what is lost in my generation. That sense of being ‘awkwardly charming’ as the interview puts it. people now tries too hard to be chatty, to be all sociable that they forgot that awkwardness has its own beauty. even though i haven’t had the chance to experience that kind of awkward charming-ness, i miss it… and the fact that i may never encounter something like him is really frustrating. so here’s to you Mr. Fiennes. may you continue to be greater than ever.


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