it’s funny how God did what he did… the people you meet or met, the people you argued with, the people who gave you advice…. it’s funny how He holds your hand and say: “okay, it’s time for you to learn this lesson.” or “it’s time for you to meet this person.” or “it’s time for you to fall in love.”

just yesterday, i was as confused as a fish who cannot lay her eggs, but now, it’s as if everything cleared. i was guided and even though that person who i just talked to right now didn’t know what a change she has made in my life, i felt it. it was amazing how God can act through other people, reaching to us in ways that we cannot comprehend.

first tip: smile.

greet everyday with an energy that will brighten your whole day. because everything can happen with a smile. being grumpy is exhausting.

second tip: do not care.

you are you. period. doesn’t matter if anyone else say that you can only be smart if you work hard, and you’re stupid enough to work hard but not smart, it DOESN’T MATTER. they’re just toying with your brain and your emotions and as i’m a petty little thing who could get influenced easily, that doesn’t help. at all.

third tip: take deep breaths. and don’t panic.

in and out. in and out. everything may not be as you want it to be, but surely everything will fall into place just as it should be.

it’s a contradiction really. my biggest mistake is that i care too much. of what other people think about me, of what other people say, but really, i needn’t bother. because that will just make me go down the drain and make me look really stupid. but on the other hand, i should learn from them. and try to love them still.

lesson accepted. thank you God for always being here for me.


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