blustery night

Hey b~

Right now, I’m snuggling in my blankets with my woolly socks on my feet, getting comfortable. The weather’s just so cold these past few days, but the wind is waltzing exceptionally violently tonight. So long as I’m at home and not pressured to do work, I love the cold… The tolerable type of cold, that is.

I wonder if this is what it was like on Bogor years back. Grams likes to tell stories of Bogor back in the days where streets could barely accommodate a car and where you can still find wild tigers in the heart of the city. She told me that back then, if oil is left out all night long, it will be completely solidified the next morning. Like frozen overnight into this very strange oil ice thing– I couldn’t even imagine.

Alas— I think the cold weather will help me sleep faster since I have an early start tomorrow. Didn’t do anything today, decided that I deserve the rest. So what I didn’t do today, I’ll have to do tomorrow.

tootlepip ❤


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