writing again

Hey b~ a new year, a resolution, 3 random posts, and 2 mouth ulcers later, I find myself blogging again.

I haven’t been active, have I? Unlike last year…. I’m actually putting my priorities into perspective. Trying to put it on the right order that they should be.

I find myself more eager to write. Whether it is talking to you here, or continuing my long paused story, I am indulging myself. It’s something really personal, something self-satisfactory. It’s like when I write, or see through a camera lens…. You find yourself, and occasionally, other people’s stories as well. As if you finally find your position in this world, and for once, you’re at the right place and not inside some else’s shoes.

*sigh* I need to catch up on some things… Things that I still need to do before the holiday ends– in exactly 2 days. *cries* 3 weeks goes so fast, it’s not fair.

See you b.
❤ iggs


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