under the christmas tree

Hey blog… Guess where I am now….

I am currently at home, yes… But I’m not in my bedroom, I’m not in mom’s bedroom nor am I in the kitchen (like how I mostly am in cases where I’m severely hungry at this time of day -_-)… I’m underneath the christmas tree, thinking just how the christmas tree looks so beautiful from down here even though it’s not actually a real tree.. It’s a plastic tree.

Today’s Christmas Eve, and I haven’t been blogging because I was busy. Honestly, I am busy. This might just be the most stressful holiday I have so far and this is because of my college applications. I don’t know what’s worst really… To have my heads crowded for the SAT learning about urine ‘fine-tuning’ or that never ending nervous slash frightened feeling of not getting my application in on time. Sure, it’s still a week from now, but still… This will be a major thing for my future. *shrugs*

But today’s Christmas Eve, so I’m speed learning ‘Hark The Herald’ on the piano for my sister’s so called performance tomorrow… Raissa loves to perform…

I think it’s time for me to go now…. *sigh* I still need to practice a couple more times, and I still have to check on common app to make sure my transcripts are there already…. I hope.
See you tomorrow… Have a merry Christmas Eve everyone.

Lots of love, iggy. xoxo

p.s. The picture did no justice whatsoever to the view… .___.


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