it was a very early and busy morning.

woke up at 2 to study… and please don’t tell me that i enjoy this. because i clearly don’t. i might be grumpy later in the afternoon because of lack of sleep.

anyways, i did quite a progress and decide to go on facebook to see what’s going on.

and this was what caught my attention:

‘My daughter deserved to die for falling in love’


i was flummoxed. like wth is going on in this world?

i read it, felt ridiculed, and was suddenly frustrated, early in the morning! just how great is that!

i don’t mean to sass any religion or race in particular, but i am from an Eastern culture.

i respect my religion, i respect my family, and i respect my body. greatly. and i’m still ridiculed by this story.

i’m catholic, but my family wouldn’t go anywhere near to killing me if i, in the long term, decided to marry a muslim

and i do not believe in any of this honor killings. you can be a martyr and be killed to defend your religious beliefs but you cannot kill and still say you do it because of honor. or say that it’s an honorary killing. what kind of term is that anyway? NO religion supports killing, and death is never a thing to celebrate.

and here i am thinking i’m the only one screwed up.

what is wrong with the world?


6 thoughts on “flummoxed

  1. I’m like you! I get up incredibly early to study as well! Not anything crazy like 2am, more like 5am if I need to finish homework or study for a big test. I’m usually still awake at 2am so I guess I could actually study if I really wanted to! Yay my life! Haha :]

    And I actually read that article too…I was pretty horrified to say the least. I’m not being racist or prejudice against any religion but I honestly cannot believe that some people think that’s right in any way, shape or form. Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded for her Catholic plots against Elizabeth and named a martyr after her death, that makes sense. I hadn’t even heard of honorary killings before reading this, sacrifices sure, but nothing like this. Love is love and if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you can’t help who you fall in love with.

    1. Lol 😉 cheers to that i-can-study-if-i-want-to attitude !!!

      && ikr!!! That is so not fair!!! Honorary killings… The case of Mary Queen of Scots was clearly different from the one in the article. The article was just simply ridiculous and irrational.

      1. Haha it’s something that I’ve had for my whole life and it is good…at times. Right now though it’s just downright irritating because I actually NEED to study to pass these exams but I just get distracted by well, everything haha. I have no willpower when it comes to studying.

        I agree, the one from the article was completely irrational and I can’t believe that he didn’t feel like he did anything wrong; killing her and writing her off like that. But to each his own I guess..

      2. are you having exams dear??

        good luck!!!! 😀 do you have like end of semester tests there??
        i have to pass that to get to Christmas… and it’s taxing me. 😦

  2. Yep, I just finished my last two yesterday :] I am DEFINITELY happy that it’s finally over. No more high school classes, no more assemblies, no more exams! I don’t really like them at all, pretty much because I’m really bad at studying. I always think that I have heaps of time and then bam, the exam is the next morning and I still haven’t studied properly. That’s pretty much how my exams went this year haha. But I don’t know if I’ve passed or failed the exams until about the middle of January/start of February so now that they’re done I can just forget about them for a while :] But good luck for your exams and everything!

    1. oh dear… you have to really pardon me if i can’t reply to your comments soon enough.
      swamped with college apps and tests and whatnot to the point that it’s killing me ._.
      thank you for the ‘good luck’ i’ll definitely be needing a lot of those..
      are you a high school grad then? i have a friend in Sydney and she graduated high school already..
      so i guess high school students in Australia graduate 6 months earlier than high school students here..
      lucky you T.T

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