the lovecoaster of precalculus

long story short.

we were studying precalculus. from limits to differential to integral. it confuses me why things that are already derived (or as i like to say it, graded downwards), should be antiderived (graded upwards)

and my fellow friend, Ribka, who also happens to be a helpless romantic, told me that it’s like falling in love. you fall, you get derived. but when you find that the boy already has a girlfriend, or the likes that he cannot like you back, you try to antiderive yourself to survive in order to fall for someone else. you’re antiderived to forget the people of your past. because even though they may be once a part of your life, however short, their chapter is now over and should be closed in order to open a newer chapter. you may hold on, but everything has its limit.

and that my friends, is how you make precalculus as simple as one, two, three.

so from now on, i swear that if i ever experience that long, tight hug that i never want to let go of… i would never. because humans get second chances, but they don’t often get the same person to come by their life twice. and i know that now.

what i still don’t get is… i am busy. too busy to do my homework, sometimes too busy to think about college applications–too busy to wrap my head around every single thing that i should be worrying about.

but i always seem to have time missing you.

and that’s unfair.


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