i don’t care about tomorrow…

i’ve been blogging about nonsensical stuff lately…

i guess it’s because it is the holidays, and somehow, my brain or more likely, my conscience to study has gone dead.

anyway, in case you were wondering, and in case you didn’t have the instinct to look at the title of the video, that video up there is the Chanel advert for perfume number 5 (the oh so famous perfume *squeals* ) starring Nicole Kidman. you know my obsession for anything french 😉 and the advert is said to be directed by Baz Lurhmann, the director of 1996’s version of Romeo and Juliet. *double squeal*

i don’t understand why some people complain about the ingredient aldehyde in this perfume. i love love love it! been wearing mom’s Chanel no 5 without permission and i have been saving to buy my own bottle. very powdery, very romantic… it’s basically parisian chic. people say they like the premiere one better, but i’m biased, so even though i haven’t smelled the premiere one, i’d say i’ll still like the original version better. lol.

anyways, i’m not compensated. just so you know, the people from Chanel are not paying me to do this post >.< i’m posting the video up because i simply love Chanel adverts and that one’s my favorite. Nicole looks drop dead gorgeous, and kudos to the french for being the only ones who probably made adverts something i enjoy watching. seriously… if the perfume isn’t any good, people would still be buying that perfume just because the advert’s so lovely. there’s always something about Chanel adverts that always makes me jealous. that sparkle. but maybe it’s just me, and my unruly obsession.

this coming from me, the advert’s ridiculously romantic, very much cliche… and only certain people like me, who can recommend a vid where the character inside it said: “i don’t care about tomorrow…”

sappy? well yes. but not for me 😉


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