but in the bright light, i taste you on my tongue.

you know full well my life has been offline for the past month.

you also know that it has been 5 months, and going…

he’s not an opiate, nor am i an addict.

but i miss him. i still miss him. strongly.

so here’s to the effort that has been fruitless. an act of avoiding that has gone wrong. because today, i cracked.

this is when having a lot of work a good thing. an anchor, something that pulls you back to your rightful place.

i’m not lying when i don’t forget easily. in the extreme. and sometimes, i wish i can be that girl, who even though can be such a b*tch at times, will forget and move on, and not get her feelings hurt.

one day, when i’m still blogging– fat, and with three children, i’ll look back to this post and realize that in a point in my life, i was that starry eyed teenager, with dark blue polish on her fingernails, who couldn’t get over her heavy crush, but wishing on being heard, and change the world.


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