weird whirring

hey blog… did you miss me?

ofc you didn’t. i’ve left you countless of times… in longer periods even. *sigh* i’m the one missing you blog.

you know what blog? today’s literally the first time i experience this weird whirring in the insides of my head.

the first time in the seventeen years that i have lived my life that i experience such a weird and disconcerting feeling.

i had to do a math retest today, submit in a physics homework, do a physics retest… and oh! some math quiz as a take away order as well. i guess that thing that’s ‘whirring’ was my brain and the weird feeling is what people actually call headache. but i’ve experienced headache before, and let me tell you this… it is distinctly different from a headache. it’s not really the normal headache i used to get.

so i guess what the article say about girls abusing drugs more than boys do are correct. i took my really needed dose of parasetamol and felt a little better, albeit being very sleepy >.<

anyway, i can’t spend a long time writing. blogging isn’t my first priority now, sorry to say… i need to edit my CV and my personal statement by this week, submit a chemistry lab report by Thursday, and finish editing some work on photoshop. as always, so many things to do, so little time. but that’s me remember? i wouldn’t be me if i’m not constantly running on the treadmill.

that’s that blog. might not be able to blog for a few days. *sigh* my life has been a constant offline these past few months. anyways… toodles loves~


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